About us

About us

Our values


Self Sovereignty


Freedom and choice

Economic empowerment

Our mission

At Beem, our mission is to empower creators with the freedom, power, and choice they deserve. We design user-friendly tools that make technology a breeze, allowing you to concentrate on creating, engaging directly with your fans and communities, and earning money in a way that suits you best.

We believe in a world where creative minds can flourish without constraints. That's why we're dedicated to developing innovative solutions that break down barriers, enabling creators to unleash their full potential and redefine the way they interact with their audience. Join us on this journey and let's revolutionize the creative landscape together.

Our team

Our team is a diverse, passionate crew of creative thinkers and tech-savvy individuals, dedicated to empowering creators worldwide.

Mihai Crasneanu

cofounder · ceo

launched & sold the European "Netflix" before Netflix started streaming. Bitcoin since 2013

Cyprien Grau

cofounder · cpo

launched 3 companies & projects in the video technology and crypto space since 2014

Tess Fenn

community lead

‍lead large-scale fan engagement activations for global brands & non-profits

Cristina Clavera

content lead

‍helped design & develop the content strategy of more than 30 video platforms worldwide